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Online OCD treatment program for young people aged 12 - 18

OCD? Not Me!

Curtin Online OCD treatment for young people - Information Sheet

The Curtin Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Clinic is offering an online treatment program for young people who have OCD. The treatment program has 8 stages, each containing important information and strategies to help you overcome OCD. Before you start we will need you to complete a few questionnaires, which will help us to understand the kinds of difficulties you are having. These will take about 10-15 minutes. We will ask you to do some of these again at each stage so you can keep track of how much you are improving. Although we cannot guarantee it, we expect that you will feel better after doing the program but if you still need more help we will provide you with some more treatment options. When you complete a stage, the computer program will automatically generate an email notifying your parent or caregiver of the stage you have completed and what the key strategies were. This will help them to keep up to date with what you are learning and also allows us to provide your parent or caregiver with some strategies they can use to help support you through the program.

As well as your permission we will need permission from a parent or guardian for you to take part in this program. If they haven’t already, your parent or guardian will need to provide their email address so we can register you. We will use this address only to provide the updates and information.

If at any time your symptoms get much worse, we will send an email advising your parent or guardian and suggesting that you receive more intensive help and providing some options for this. Although we need an email address, your identity will remain anonymous. We will sometimes report on the program outcomes however no personally identifying information will be collected or published about you. Your involvement in the program is completely voluntary and you may withdraw at any time without any negative consequences.

Yours sincerely

The OCD? Not Me Team

Parent or caregiver consent is required for this program