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Online OCD treatment program for young people aged 12 - 18

Parent/Caregiver Information

OCD? Not Me! Curtin Online OCD treatment for young people

The Curtin OCD Clinic is pleased to present OCD? Not Me!. The program consists of an interactive website for young people with obsessive-compulsive symptoms. The program aims to improve access to effective Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) treatments for young people and their families. OCD? Not Me! has been demonstrated to reduce the number and severity of obsessive compulsive symptoms experienced by young people. If you agree to take part in this program, you and your young person will receive access to a treatment program that is provided entirely online without any direct therapist contact. As per usual clinic procedure, progress will be monitored on a weekly basis. The program consists of 8 weekly stages made of up information about OCD; activities, tips, and techniques to help overcome OCD; and feedback on your progress in the program.

Each stage will take approximately one hour to complete. Your young person will also be encouraged to practice the strategies provided in each stage before completing the next one. When your young person has completed a stage you will receive an automated email explaining the content and strategies covered by your young person and providing you with information and additional strategies to assist your young person’s progress through the program.

At the beginning and during the program your young person will be asked to complete some online questionnaires to help us determine the severity and nature of their difficulties with OCD. If at any time, your young person’s symptoms are identified as extreme or a risk of suicide is identified, you will automatically receive an email advising you of this risk and providing you with information about alternative, more intensive services for your young person to attend as well as crisis support phone numbers.

It is anticipated that participants will experience a reduction in OCD symptoms as a result of completing the program. However, as with all treatments, we cannot guarantee these treatment outcomes. As per usual Clinic procedure, further treatment or referral to another service should be considered by those who do not experience benefits from their treatment.

Participation in the program is completely voluntary and you and your young person may withdraw at any time without any negative consequences. Your involvement in the program is completely anonymous. We will ask you for an email address in order to communicate with you and register you and your young person as a participant but we do not require any personally identifying information. Non-identifiable service data, such as average reductions in symptoms experienced by participants, may be used to report on the outcomes of the program.

Yours sincerely

The OCD? Not Me Team

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